• "Insanity is doing
    the same thing
    over and over
    and expecting
    a different result"
    Albert Einstein

    The firm for those who place their faith in results

    Prada & Asociados is an independent professional firm made up of lawyers and economists which provides legal and economic/financial consultancy services with a clearly defined goal: results.
  • "Man’s greatness
    is directly related
    to the evidence
    of his moral strength."
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy

    The key areas that define us

    Independence, the ability to anticipate changes and an in-depth knowledge of the business world: these are the calling cards of Prada & Asociados, based on a carefully developed relationship with each of our clients.
  • "All our knowledge
    begins with the senses,
    proceeds then
    to the understanding,
    and ends with reason"
    Immanuel Kant

    The necessary vision

    The legal and economic/financial training of all the professionals at Prada & Asociados allows them to have an overall perspective which is essential if each client is to be offered consistent and effective solutions.
  • "A good name
    is more desirable
    than great riches"
    Miguel de Cervantes

    Professional excellence

    Over 35 years’ experience and its involvement in the most important proceedings in recent decades have made Prada & Asociados the leading Spanish firm in the insolvency field, a clear illustration of its excellence and prestige.